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Smartphones: Help Families Reconnect In The Digital Age.

"Psychologists and other Child Development Experts are exploring how parents' use of technology affects kids and the best ways to help families reconnect in the Digital Age". Over the last few decades, as technology has [...]

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What are the winter blues and ways to fight it?

As the end of fall and the beginning of winter approaches, the days become shorter. The stress of a year coming to a close, the pressure of the holidays, and the colder weather makes us [...]

The Benefits of practicing gratitude.

In the midst of our national gratitude day Thanksgiving,  You might be asking yourself what am I thankful for? And the thing is you shouldn’t be asking this question to yourself once a year it [...]

4 ways to prevent cyberbullying from affecting our children.

  On the first entry of this blog series, we discuss a little about what Cyberbullying is and how to recognize it. Today we will talk a bit more about ways in which we can [...]

What is Cyberbullying and how to recognize it?

Bullying is a very common behaviour that is threatening our children and community every day.  It not only affects a child directly if he or she is the victim, but it also affects them as [...]

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How to recognize warning signs of suicide thoughts.

It is scary to think that a loved one might be thinking of taking their life away. However it is important to learn how to recognize the warning signs of suicidal thoughts. A suicidal person [...]

How to Cope When a Loved One has a Mental Illness Diagnosis

We all know the stigma that surrounds mental health illness. Even today with all the resources and information available to us, it’s very hard for people to open up about their mental health illness, and [...]